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Plan Today, Play Tomorrow


This seminar is for people of all ages who want to learn more about planning for retirement. It is never too early or too late to learn more about making good financial decisions based on sound information.

Preparing for retirement is probably the single most important financial concern most people have today. Retirement costs are rising, the future of Social Security is uncertain, and many people have not accumulated the savings they will need to enjoy the retirement lifestyle they deserve.

Given the economic and financial events of the past few years, are you still on track for enjoying the retirement you want? Or do you need to improve your knowledge of managing your money wisely to achieve your retirement goals?

By investing a few hours of your time to come to a “Beresfords Passport to Retirement” Seminar you will gain the confidence needed to make sound financial decisions. You’ll be better prepared to face the challenges and enjoy the rewards that retirement can bring.


James Beresford

Managing Director, Beresfords Group

James (CFP MComFP), is a retirement strategist and an enthusiastic keynote speaker at investment and retirement conferences around Australia. During the day he will explain a range of strategies that you can use to reach your full retirement potential.

Simon Guzowski

Senior Portfolio Manager, Investment Partners

Simon is a highly regarded Share Market Expert. His views are sought by Investors and the Financial Media. During the seminar Simon will:

  • Show you how to evaluate your portfolio;
  • Discuss the 3 “Must Dos” for successful investing; and
  • Discuss 10 best companies and why.

Andrew Witham

General Manager, Bselfmanaged

Andrew is a founder of Bselfmanaged and is regarded as a Self Managed Super Fund Specialist.

During Andrew’s talk he will discuss his “Top 10 SMSF Strategies for 2015”.

Stephen Smallcalder

Director, Beresfords Financial Planning

Stephen is regarded as a trusted Adviser and is recognised as a Specialist in financial planning specific to pre & post retirees. During Stephen’s talk he will outline:

  • How to overcome the roadblocks to successful retirement;
  • Calculate how much you need for retirement; and
  • What makes “A Good Will”.

Sydney Seminar Dates

Saturday, 15th August, 2015 @ 10am – 12.20pm
Saturday, 22nd of August, 2015 @ 10am – 12.20pm
Light refreshments will be served



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