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Your Investment Policy

Careful planning is required to ensure that your investment policy reflects your objectives, views, intentions and tolerance for risk.

At heart, our service is advisory. We recognise that many of our clients are very busy in their normal lives and do not have the time required to manage and administer their investment portfolios. It does however always remain within your control to delegate to a lesser or greater extent, depending on your own preferences and circumstances. Either way, our job is to arm you with relevant information and considered advice regarding the choices you face and not to advocate a prescriptive solution.

By introducing, testing and working through investment ideas together with you, we aim to improve both the decisions made and the level of confidence you have in them. This is no claim to predictive superiority – we have our ideas about the future, but only know for sure that markets are often unpredictable. However, in exploring the potential opportunities and risks of taking a position, we hope to narrow the probability of surprise and to ensure that you take a reasoned and considered decision with a full understanding of the impact on your own circumstances.