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Company Story

Who are we?

Investment Partners is a research business built by financial planners for financial planners. We recognise that major institutions do not comprehend the strength of the relationship service proposition provided by Financial Planning firms and the need to focus more on relationship and service as opposed to performance and fees.

Our core service is the provision of investment advice.  We offer this advice to a deliberately small number of valued relationships; these relationships are only on a B2B level and are only made with financial planning and accounting firms.

Investment strategies are tailored to your Investor needs and our Portfolio Managers and our Private Client Advisers consider your Investors individual investment objectives, target return, volatility tolerance, time horizon and currency of reference before making any recommendations.

Our approach is focused on the long term and takes a conservative stance. At Investment Partners the single most important decision is to formulate the optimum long term strategy given the requirements set by you. We would look to build for your Investor a solution that is a balance between their required long term total return (capital growth and / or income) on the one hand and their expected risk tolerance on the other.

What Do We Do?

Investment Partners establishes micro businesses that reflect its culture and philosophy utilising its existing infrastructure to empower financial firms to better manage their clients’ funds.

Investment Partners helps investors navigate complex financial and investment choices.

Investment Partners facilitates richer, deeper and more engaged investment conversations.

How do we do it?

We franchise our business systems & processes to other companies on license agreement and support them with knowledge and necessary resources to facilitate a total turnkey investment solution within their firm.