Financial success built upon long-term partnerships
Just like the results our services offer, our relationships with our cherished clients are lifelong.

Whether you’re a direct investor or a financial adviser, your success is our priority.


Our direct clients are typically those who take an active interest in the management their own investments, but welcome professional guidance. They enjoy the deeper, richer conversations they have with our experts, which helps them to enhance and refine their investment strategies.

These are confident, self-directed individuals, looking for a choice of investment options from full service to a ‘pay-as-you-go’ investment solution.

Our work for these clients is purely focused on creating dynamic portfolios, eliminating the noise of wider financial planning strategies. Solutions are tailored to their specific objectives, appropriate to the risks they are prepared to take in life.

Direct investors may also approach Investment Partners for proprietary research on a specific company, prior to investment, or to have us investigate a particular share, to advise them whether it’s worthy of continuing to hold or buy into.


Most Financial Advisers recognise that well-chosen and well-managed investments are critical to the success of their clients’ wealth plans, but this can be a huge distraction from the business of delivering financial advice, and few have the resources to handle this effectively.

That’s why many advisers use Investment Partners’ fully comprehensive, turn-key investment service, allowing them to deliver better results for their clients, and create the time to focus on customer service and the growth of their business.

Our investment solutions dovetail neatly into their business, compounding their expertise with our own to foster richer and deeper conversations with their clients and add true value to their service.

Whatever your objectives, we are here to give you peace of mind…