When it comes to investing, everyone has a different motivation, set of goals, personal preferences, and unique circumstances. Your attitude to investment will depend on your concerns about risk, the stage of life, your dependents and obligations. You may have many other reasons, considerations and factors that will influence your investment intentions.

That's where Investment Partners excel

No matter who you are, what your motive is, or your situation may be, we are here by your side to develop a bespoke investment strategy, built upon achieving the best investment result for you. We work with you directly, or with you and your financial adviser to provide appropriate investment solutions that meet your objectives.

To guide us in recommending responsible investment strategies, we are committed to the following principles: 

1. You are our focus

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. Our process begins and revolves around you. We start by building an investment strategy based on your preferences, guide you towards a portfolio that will achieve your investment objectives and conduct regular reviews to ensure it continues to align with your desired outcomes as things change over time. Investment Partners works with you and/or your adviser to make sure your investment options are managed professionally and are suitable for your needs.

2. A customised approach

Everyone is unique, as are your circumstances, goals, and priorities. That’s why our approach and recommendations are completely bespoke. This way, you know that every decision is tailored to getting you one step closer to achieving your investment objectives. We evaluate where you are currently, versus where you want to be, and then draw on our expertise in tax, wealth creation, and Australian laws, and financial policies to create a personalised investment strategy that fits you like a glove.

3. Capital Protection is a priority

All investments come with a certain level of risk and return. We focus on ensuring that your capital exposure is well managed, especially during periods of market volatility. We build our portfolios based on your risk preferences and life stage, and always endeavor to limit the downside by foregoing some of the upside. 

4. Diversification is standard

When it comes to your investment plan, we consider your circumstances and goals and provide portfolios across multiple investment types, to find the optimal balance between maximum returns and risk mitigation. This diversification may span asset classes, industries and even geographic locations to offset external or market events, spreading your risk and protecting your best interests.

5. Investment risk has many aspects

When we factor risk into our client investment strategies, we consider every element, from inflation and political influences to regulatory changes, market liquidity, portfolio concentration and valuations. It is through this diligence that we develop a deep understanding of potential risks and can adjust accordingly to achieve your portfolio outcomes.

6. Meticulous asset allocation to achieve portfolio results

Asset allocation is a significant contributing factor to the returns earned by an investment portfolio. This is why, when building your portfolio, we place strategic emphasis on determining the right asset allocation to match your goals. This includes taking into consideration company profit growth, valuation techniques and valuations, while also allowing for flexibility as markets change, situations arise, and opportunities present themselves.

7. Planning across different life stages

Personal investment strategies change and develop, growing with you through your life stages. Investment Partners manages a number of portfolios that can be used by you and/or your adviser to create an investment solution that changes to match your changing needs over time. When you approach retirement, typically, you’ll have less tolerance for large variations in income and capital returns as opposed to earlier phases of life where you may be more open to risk and return. To be effective, your investment plan must continually evolve.

8. Active portfolio management

Investment Partners considers an active approach to portfolio management, depending on what is expected to generate the best investment returns for each client. Our team possess the latest knowledge, resources, and expertise to manage the potential for positive portfolio returns.

9. A strong team of investment professionals

When building your investment portfolio, Investment Partners puts your bespoke strategy into action using a collaborative partnership of both internal and external personnel that we depend upon to achieve effective outcomes for our clients. Each are hand-picked to ensure our investment portfolios align with our standards and your objectives.

10. A reliable team you can trust

Most importantly, we respect the role we play as your Investment Partners. We understand that we’re not just managing client portfolios, but also your livelihood, your wealth, and your future. We see it as an honour that our clients trust us, which is why we treat your funds as if they were our own. We never provide advice that we wouldn’t follow ourselves. Our team of investment experts are always here to provide advice to you and/or your adviser for complete peace of mind.