Having established our reputation as a trusted partner since 1993, Investment Partners has been the vehicle for many of our clients to achieve their goals throughout their financial journey. The financial terrain in which we operate has had its ups and downs, but our hands on the steering wheel has remained unwaveringly steady, reassuring our clients that no matter the roadblocks we encounter. We continue to be reliable, transparent, and worthy of their trust.

Having established our reputation as the trusted investment house, with our origins extending back to 1993, Investment Partners has been the preferred advisory for financial planners, accountants, and individual clients looking to fully outsource their investments in a total integrated solution. 

We recognised that for most people, the sheer volume of choices and the myriad marketing messages being created to tempt the transfer of super funds and investment funds management. This ever-increasing complexity and confusion in the investment landscape, can leave people feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

Originally, we started down the path of outsourcing to the big brands, but quickly lost faith in this channel as it became evident the research houses were pushing products, rather than performance-based advice, and are conflicted with remuneration.

BDMs demonstrated no fixed investment philosophy or consistency, but variable, with allegiance to whichever product they were required to promote as they changed roles in this high-turnover industry.

Furthermore, the lack of transparency became a continual frustration for us. Never allowing a team of hands-on professionals like us to get a look under the hood became a deal-breaker.

We wanted to guarantee a service that delivers superior investment advice, and a team that would always seek and present a true, unbiassed picture of the investment landscape.

We soon realised that owning our own research was the solution – this means it is pure and clean, it gives us more control, allows for better decisions, and gives us complete confidence that our advice will never be compromised.

In 2006, James finally decided to take the leap and build what is now Investment Partners. 

James was fully aware that this was a David and Goliath story. He knew he didn’t have the resources that the bigger organisations have, but also knew he had something that they could never buy – that his clients’ well-being would always his first priority, and growing their long-term wealth, his absolute goal.

Today, 14 years later, James has built a great team of extraordinary professionals who are fully aligned with his values and yours. Owning our IP and being confident in that IP’s delivery, allows us to punch well above our weight in the market.

We believe our clients are looking for richer, deeper relationships and conversations with the custodians of their wealth. Creating total transparency, and dedicated team of pure investment professionals, with only our clients’ best interests at heart means everything to us.

We continue to be reliable, and transparent in every way, ensuring we are worthy of their trust. 

The vision of


 “I thought there was a better way. At the core, investment is not about charts and fads at a point in time – it’s about research, intelligent people doing intelligent work, coming up with intelligent solutions.”

James Beresford.

James Beresford holds a firm belief that everyone has a right to be financially secure. 

Planning is powerful, but partnerships are paramount. We report to one person, our client – you! James strongly believes in process before product, with a dedicated client driven focus, that we pursue your goals as if they were our own.