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Why Choose Investment Partners?

Asset Management

Our core service is the provision of investment advice. We offer this advice to a deliberately small number of valued relationships. As a result, if you are a client of Investment Partners you will deal directly with senior members of the executive team and receive the level of service and attention you require.

Investment strategy is tailored to your needs. Our advisers and investment managers consider your individual investment objectives, target return, volatility tolerance, time horizon and currency of reference before making any recommendations.

Our approach is focused on the long term and takes a conservative stance. At Investment Partners the single most important decision is to formulate the optimum long term strategy given the requirements set by you. We would look to build for you a balance between your required long term total return (capital growth and / or income) on the one hand, and the expected risk on the other.

There are three key principles which underpin our investment process:

Active Management

We believe that active management is the way to add long term value and produce consistent, above-average investment returns over the medium to long term.

In-house Approach

In an increasingly complex financial world, Investment Partners has chosen the path of “Occam’s Razor”, which is a principle attributed to the 14th century logician and Franciscan friar William of Ockham. The principle states that “If you have two equally likely solutions to a problem, choose the simplest.” …or in the only form that takes its own advice… “Keep things simple!”

Complex strategies and structures can carry a certain wow factor, but what we are often not told is how these extra layers of moving parts, structures, derivatives and synthetic exposures can end up reducing predictability for investors. During the recent crisis we have once again seen how complex investments and businesses run into trouble, while tried and tested simple or classic approaches have continued to survive the test of time.


We believe in achieving an appropriate level of diversification across and within all the asset classes in which we invest.

Once the long term strategy has been agreed by you, we populate the asset classes accordingly.



We are independent from the rest of the financial services industry and receive no compensation from anyone except our clients. We have no other business activities and are majority owned by Directors. We are a professional services firm with no dominant founding institution and are not subject to the latest fad being pushed by an institutional head office.

Client Service

By restricting ourselves to relatively few, but substantial clients we maintain client contact at a Founder level so that the most senior members of the firm are actively engaged with all clients. at Investment Partners client confidentiality is paramount.

Intellectual and Analytical Rigour

As we believe that detailed analysis is at the heart of investing, we have built a team with excellent academic credentials and have invested in the software and systems to allow us to make better investment judgements.


Our executive staff have many years of experience across a wide field of professions and disciplines. We use this breadth of industry experience to our clients’ advantage when selecting real world investments.


People and relationships are the lifeblood of our success. Our team of directors and professionals combines depth and talent. We value professionalism, integrity and friendliness.

Key to the successful delivery of our services are our staff. Our team are dedicated to providing you with high quality service.

Team of Experts

Your Adviser does not act alone. In fact, he or she is guided by our investment management team, comprising senior Investment Partners managers and strategists with well-earned reputations for identifying great investment opportunities.

This team in turn is backed by the first class research resources of Wilson HTM, Morningstar, Aspect Huntley and global powerhouse companies such as Barclays. This extensive capability allows us to regularly assess investment opportunities which our portfolio manager can choose to employ. Imagine trying to cover the same territory as a whole team of professional researchers!