Individual Stock Review

This service is designed for executives working for a listed company, either ASX or one of the world stock exchanges, and receiving stock options or company shares, or for individual investors.
For executive employees, this review considers whether you should you hold or divest of your stock.

Perhaps you purchased stock because if was offered at a discount, but you’re not sure whether it is working for you, or whether your funds might be better invested elsewhere.
For individuals, you may be considering investing in, or divesting of particular stocks, or would like to build a diverse portfolio.

The question of whether to hold or sell, depending on the size of the investment, is an important one. Engage IP to help you make wise decisions through diligent research and objective market analysis.

Our independent review employs the same rigour applied to bespoke reviews, which can reveal intelligence that may not come up in general research, empowering you to make smarter, well-informed decisions.

This service is appropriate for $100k investment or more.