Portfolio Management & Ongoing Reporting

Portfolio management is the unique combination of art and science, that is the discerning selection and management of a group of investments.

Like any worthwhile asset, the successful management of your investment portfolio requires continual monitoring and fine-tuning over time. Disciplined investing is about actively making changes according to the guidelines set during construction.

Think of it like running a business. To do this successfully, management teams require reporting tools such as profit & loss reports, stocktake information, balance sheets and cashflow statements to help then direct management decisions and business growth strategies.

As investors, we too need to have this kind of information at our fingertips to help us intelligently plan, manage, and maximise your investment portfolio, which is why we place such importance on extensive research and analysis.

This allows us to monitor and adjust ongoing asset allocation decisions to ensure your portfolio stays on course to meet your objectives.

As an investor, you also need to understand your investments through these reports.

Reporting information includes:

• the investments made,

• the results achieved,

• the risks taken, and

• the management and maintenance fees incurred.

Bespoke reporting is typically shared with you on an annual basis, with year-round access via our technology platform, though higher frequency reporting can be arranged by agreement.

For example, you may wish to start with quarterly reporting, reducing frequency as time progresses.

For any interim questions, meetings may be arranged with your advisor as required.